My Story

My name is Bettina Clifton and I am a hypnotherapist by trade…and although I approach my hypnotherapy with a scientific professionalism, there is a spiritual element as well, as I ask my guides to help me with each and every client I see.  This was pretty much the extent of my belief in guides and angels.  I believed that someone or something was there but I never actually believed that angels existed.

When I found myself relocated in Mount Shasta, California, I began a deeper spiritual quest.  Mount Shasta is an energy epicenter and many people congregate here to absorb the ‘power of the mountain’.  I felt there was something more for me here and I started meditating and pulling Angel Oracle Cards each morning.  I was astounded by how spot-on the cards were to what was happening in my life at the time and I started to really believe that something was there and it was real.  At the same time, I was coming across crystals on my property.  I would be in one spot, walk away, and when I came back, there would be a crystal in that very spot…and I called these my gifts from the angels.  Something was brewing, for sure.

Then came a magical weekend at a Women’s Spiritual Retreat where many of the women had huge epiphanies.  I was just basking in the love of the experience until we were given an exercise of channeled writing.  This is something that I had tried in my younger days, with no results, but this time was different.  I directed my first channel towards Archangel Michael and in return I received a beautiful letter filled with love and light.  During that weekend I also ‘spoke’ with St. Germaine, Jesus, Archangel Raphael and St. Timothy with the Organization of the Souls.  Needless to say, I was blown away and there was no doubt in my mind that what was coming through was real in every way.  Each message was completely different in the wording and feeling…and even the writing.

After that incredible weekend, I kept talking to the angels.  They gave me guidance and encouragement and loved that I would call on them.  The angels always arrived at a moment’s notice, never faultering to help.  Eventually, they gave me a job to do.  The angels told me to do readings for others, to help them spread their message.  They told me to set up a website and they are working with me every step of the way, anxious to get it done so they can help spread the word about these readings.  I am constantly amazed by their love and support…and I love them with all of my heart.

You will notice that many of the entries on this site are done by Archangel Michael, whom I talk to most frequently.  At times others will come through with messages: Bethany, Azriel, Raphael, Ariel and sometimes an ascended master will chime in.  I have yet to meet all of the angels or even know their names.  They warn me not to investigate other’s writings about them for they want me to get to know them on my own.  I so look forward to every reading with them and it is such an honor for me to be given this ‘job’.  Thank you, Angels, for trusting in me.

I love you,